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Our Programmes

WYLA is a supplementary school with a strong mentoring component. We provide a tailored leadership programme for young black children between the ages of 8-14.

Core Components

The Academy seeks to fulfil its vision through six core components and other means.

1. Saturday Academy

Leadership development is honed and nurtured through the Saturday Academy.The young leaders meet from 10.00am to 1.00pm for training in leadership, social skills, public speaking and business acumen, skills which are required for effective leadership.

2. Holiday Programme

The Holiday Academy exists to consolidate and build on the leadership training that takes place during the Saturday Academy.The curriculum incudes team-building, educational visits, fiscal management etc.

3. Mentoring Plus

The Academy uses a pool of professionals to encourage and stimulate the children.The boys and girls have regular opportunities to interact with special guests, local and national leaders and others of public interest.

4. Parent University

The Family Support Network affords parents/ carers the opportunity to maximize their participation in WYLA. There are ‘Family Meetings’ each month and parents/carers are expected to attend as part of the contractual agreement upon joining the Academy.

5. Service to the Community

The Academy promotes civic responsibility and moral leadership by involving the children in community service projects. Examples include working in residential homes for the elderly, gardening and supporting others.